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Arrival & route planner - Adress Hotel Habhof Garni

Verkehrsspinne klicken zum VergrößernHotel Habhof Garni
Brothers Sauter-Decristoforo
Brochweg 1, Mösern
A-6100 Seefeld / Tirol
Telefon: +43 (0)5212 4711
Fax: +43 (0)5212 4711-5

Mösern-Seefeld can be reached by car either via the Inntal Motorway and the Brenner Route or or toll-free from Germany via Mittenwald or the "Fernpass".

Furthermore, it is possible to arrive by train to Seefeld or from the airports of Innsbruck, Munich or Salzburg.

Latitude: 47.3119 / Longitude: 11.1443

Google Maps route planner to Mösern, Seefeld in Tyrol

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On Google Maps, the "route planner" option.

Google Maps Seefeld Mösern

Route information

Travelling by car without VIGNETTE and TOLLS:

Mittenwald - Seefeld - Mösern
Füssen - Fernpass - Telfs - Mösern

Travelling via the motorway (subject to toll/vignette!)
Motorway Lower Inn valley: Kufstein - Exit Telfs
Motorway Upper Inn valley: Arlberg - Imst - Exit Telfs
Motorway Brenner: Brenner - Innsbruck - Exit Telfs

Next/nearest airports:
Innsbruck (25 km)
Munich (170 km)
Salzburg (185 km)

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